All about Bob

I’m Bob and I am a self-taught artist. I’ve been painting and drawing since before I could even ride a bike. After serving 32-years in law enforcement, and 20-years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, I am now retired and able to focus full-time on my passion for painting.

My wife Jill and I live in beautiful Northwest, Wisconsin where we spend countless hours marveling at the beauty around us. God’s Creation really speaks to me and I am humbled He gave me the gift of art to bring Him glory. I am an avid outdoorsman and nature enthusiast.

I’ve been inspired over the years by the work of Norman Rockwell and Phillip R. Goodwin. There is something about the mood that is created in a single glance at their work. It draws me in every time. Most of my paintings come from my own memories or stories that have been passed down over time.  My hope is when people look at my images that it brings a sense of warmth and joy.

In short, know that I am devoted to my love for Jesus Christ, my family, and painting. If you ever want to get in contact, I would be happy to reply.


Robert Andrea