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This painting was inspired from the many stories of Valley Forge and  the suffering and endurance of our Continental Soldiers during the winter of 1777 & 1778.  Our young country was an eyelash away from collapse and our soldiers were dying in vast quantities.  At Valley Forge it was said you could follow our army by the bloody footprints in the snow.  Nearly starved and discouraged our soldiers limped into the winter quarters at Valley Forge.  Between 1700 and 2000 men died there from disease, starvation and freezing to death.Halfway through the winter the Continental Army situation changed by being properly supplied and trained.  They became a very confident and professional army and amazingly George Washington never left their side.  Our nation and armed services still stand strong today because of the sacrifices that were made not only during our Revolution but throughout all armed conflicts the USA have been involved in.  This is  the first in a series of paintings paying humble thanks to our Veterans past and present and the true American Spirit.