With summer coming to an end it's time to think of the the crisp air of fall,telling scary stories around a campfire and roasting marshmallows.  We've had many of those evenings ourselves which are part of great memories.  Then  a humorous thought popped into my head...what if these monsters that scare us were to have their own stories to share around a campfire? "Monster Marshmallow Roast"  is how I thought it may look!

I frequently get asked "Why do you paint these types of paintings?"  so I thought I would give a brief explanation.  Other than my mind seeing things in pictures I also paint for licensing and publishing. 

For licensing purposes which would be images that go on cards, puzzles, popcorn tins etc....the paintings are more colorful, busy, and and perhaps animated.  I LOVE painting like this as I am able to use my imagination and sense of humor. 

For publishing purposes the paintings are more wildlife or scenic  .  Something that may be more appealing for people to hang on their walls.  I also LOVE painting like this as I am able to get out and take pictures, study wildlife and do the best to paint what the Good Lord has created. 

There ya have it  the easiest way I can explain what I do!  Thank to those who have asked and for so much  support from others, its much appreciated!  Bob