I have many fond memories of Christmas as a child.  My mom  would paint Rudolph and  Santa on our windows  (she was far more talented of an artist then she would admit); my Dad's dress socks that had holes in them stuffed to the brim Christmas morning with fruit, nuts and candy.  We may not have been fancy but we were never forgotten at Christmas. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the biggest deal of all..... a kind lady by the name of  Marie Coquillette and this was my inspiration for "Moonlit St Nick ".  For many years Marie would dress up like Santa and ride through town on a red fire truck.  Imagine the streets lined with kids all bundled  up cheering her down the street to the Palace Theater where the Matinee would take place.  Maire had the BEST smile and greeted each child as if they were her own.  I remember the paper  bags of candy that each of us  received with great enthusiasm.  As if this wasn't enough...she would show up Christmas Eve at my Uncles house.  The door would open in a grand manor and there stood Santa.   We would be amazed how Santa knew each of us by name,who our parents were, and that of course I was always a "good little boy". 

So here's to great childhood memories, hoping a Merry Christmas to everyone  and to remember that Jesus Christ was born as the greatest gift to all!