Another road trip under our belt and what a trip it was! We stopped at every nook and cranny which turned 3 days of travel into to 4. We passed many abandoned gas stations and souvenir shops along historic Route 66 that had been replaced by modern convenience stores.  Don't get me wrong, we appreciated "real" toilets, but were thrilled when we found an original shop owned and operated by the founding family!  This was my inspiration for "Road Trip Treasures".  We were like little kids marveling at the brightly colored building, winding our way through the inside that was filled to the brim with authentic items. We were trying to find that perfect piece of petrified wood, toys for the grandkids, and a keepsake for us all while visiting with other people who were enjoying their stop as much as we were!  The owner was the most interesting man who shared his love for  heritage, family and community. As we carried our packages to the car we could not help but think about all the people who have been in that same place in years gone by finding the perfect treausure and making treasured memories.