Anyone out there with me? I have a great fear of dogs, and I mean fear! That may be why we have always had Chihuahua’s at least I felt I had some sort of size thing over them.

Almost every dog I thought would bite me has including a Pitbull a couple years ago while riding bike.

It all began when I was a little kid and I would do the milk route with my brother Billy.  He would send me to hand deliver milk to back doors where the dogs would wait for me on the back porch. I would put the milk down, turn and do the 40-yard dash back to the truck where my brother would be laughing like crazy! 

Now my son works for the post office and although he may not share my fear of dogs, he too has taken his first bite and is good at the dash! 

So, here’s to those who deliver much needed goods to our homes or to those who share my fear of dogs LOL, I’d love to hear your stories:)