Why post this new image "Minute Man" on Veterans Day?  Were they considered veterans?  Although they are not recognized as veterans, they played a vital role in the Revolutionary War. They were known to be ready in a moment's notice.  They provided a highly moblie, rapidly deployed force that enabled the colonies to respond immediately to military threats. They were one of the first to fight in the Revolutionary War.  It is said these minute men played a critical role in the freedoms we enjoy today.  Fast forward to Veterans Day.....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the veterans near and dear to me.  Each one of you serve/served at different  times, different roles, and different circumstances.  Each of you carry your own experiences, scars, stories and memories that shape who you were and are today.  William Andrea, James Darby, Billy Andrea, Brenda Purdum, Robert Andrea, Jeff Sobralski, Allison Austin and Shawn Quinn.  You are loved and respected beyond measure.  Thank you for your unselfish service for each and every one of us!  Jill