Paintings tell a story and  and I thought it might be fun to share why I paint what I do.  "Sunflower Valley Blues".  My wife and I like to walk.  In particular we like to walk a country road not far from our house with some beautiful farm land that has a perfect spot to build a home.  My wife grew up on a farm as did her parents and farm homes seem to bring a bit of nostalgic to our hearts.  Low and behold this land came up for sale a year or so ago, we made an offer on part of it but they wanted to keep it  together so we  fondly call this place, "The land that will never be." 

This year it was planted with sunflowers and when they were in full bloom the entire valley had this brilliant hue and of course the inspiration hit me. Bluebirds around, an old fence, the weathered tree it was just calling for a home to be painted off in the distance:) 

I hope "Sunflower Valley Blues" evokes some sort of fond memory , brings a smile to your face or just reminds you of Gods beauty all around us.